MEYD-625 My stepmother's meat and sticky rice

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Yuzuru moved out to live on his own after being admitted to university. His neighbor is Yumi Kazama, a beautiful, kind woman who always cares and helps him. Today Yumi Kazama bought a cake for her husband, but her husband suddenly had to go on urgent business. While returning home, she met Yuzuru. Sumire invited him to her house to eat cake and drink coffee. The coffee is a bit bitter so Yuzuru wants to add a little sugar. Yumi Kazama searched but couldn't find it. She tried to find the drawer below so she had to bend down low. That's why the big, seductive butt was completely pointed straight at Yuzuru. He was attracted by her ass, his cock quickly became erect, his mind gradually became uncontrollable. He grabbed Yumi Kazama, put his cock inside her, and fed Yumi Kazama his full stomach with sperm. Yumi Kazama was not very angry with Yuzuru, but made him promise not to reveal this matter and not to do it again.

MEYD-625 My stepmother's meat and sticky rice
 Movie Code: MEYD-625 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yumi Kazama